Recruitment for this years playground testers is closed - consultation on playground ideas coming soon.

The best job on earth is up for grabs, but it's not for adults.

We're seeking playground testers aged 1-12 to help make our playgrounds more accessible, safe and fun.

Each Official Playground Tester will receive a pack with everything they need to complete their mission. A bandana, bag and their own tester book to complete.

Testers will have until Friday October 25 to test all eight playgrounds.

From Brighton to Beaumaris, over a 10-year plan we're upgrading all 61 playgrounds around the municipality.

Since 2015 we have upgraded 22 of Bayside’s 61 playgrounds. Bayside’s Playground Improvement Plan (2015-25) will see all of Bayside’s playgrounds upgraded with an investment of $10.3M.

The playgrounds that need to be explored by our specialist team of testers are:

Banksia Reserve, Beaumaris

Ashwood Avenue, Highett

Old Dairy Reserve, Brighton

Royal Avenue Parkland, Sandringham

Tjilatjirrin Reserve, Sandringham

Landcox Park, Brighton East

Beach Park Sandringham Gardens,

Elsternwick Park South, Brighton

If you have a child who is up to the task then simply register to be a Bayside playground tester by going to:

We'll post the tester packs to the address provided from September 13.