At the September 2019 Council Meeting, the outcomes of the Stage One community consultation and proposed next steps for the project were presented. The report to Council is available here

Council resolved to :

1. Progress the concept design of a centralised option for future community facilities.
2. Investigate opportunities to partner with the State and Federal governments to deliver a commuter

carpark at the Service Street/Thomas Street car park.

3. Receives an update report at its February 2020 Ordinary Meeting.

Council currently owns 13 properties in and around Hampton Street which accommodate a range of community services and facilities, including:

  • Community Centre
  • Library
  • Playhouse
  • Senior Citizens Centre
  • Maternal and Child Health Centre
  • Scout Hall
  • Seven car parks

Like all of Melbourne, Hampton is growing and changing. We expect the population of Hampton to increase by over 20% in the next 20 years.

With more growth, ageing population and young families moving to Hampton we need to plan for the future.

Currently, several of Hampton's important community services are operating at different locations in buildings which are not all built for their current purposes, restricting both the services we can deliver from these buildings and in some cases preventing the opportunity to grow in order to meet future community needs.

These demographic changes in Hampton will drive demand for a range of different services, including:

  • Programs and activities that respond to the needs of seniors groups;
  • Libraries
  • Early years facilities and services;
  • Parks and playgrounds built for all ages and abilities.

In order to provide flexible community spaces that can be modified to meet future needs as they change an opportunity exists to locate a number of these services together to improve outcomes for service delivery.

Integrated community ‘hub’s’ can play an important role as a central location for residents to access services, activities, support structures, learning options and social opportunities.

We have undertaken an assessment of all of our existing facilities and services alongside a future social needs assessment which has identified that our current buildings and services are not going to be adequate to meet future needs, with limited opportunities to expand our current buildings to be fit for purpose.

In previous consultations we asked you what you valued most about most about Hampton’s current community services and facilities.

Based on feedback, we’ve developed two options that support these values in planning a facility for now and into the future.

Before you give your feedback we want to ensure you have all the information.

Scroll down to watch the video below.

Review the concept plans for both options available in the document library and the information provided below.

Have your say by clicking through to the feedback link at the bottom of the page. We will use your feedback to progress to the next step of the planning process where there will be further opportunities for you to participate in determining the future of heart of the Hampton community.


Watch a quick video explaining the key features of the project before giving your feedback

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